Welcome to our cattery "von den Raben"

In 2011, we were simply looking for two pet toms to cuddle and care for. Well, we surely thought of something large and strongly built..
Until then, we hadn´t even dreamed of purebred cats or breeding cats ourselves. Purely by chance we adopted Mikka and Luna, a twosome of Norwegian Forest cats. Things never turn out the way you expect...

Luna Mikka norwegische Waldkatzen von den Raben München

Our breeding goal:

We aim to breed healthy Norwegian Forest Cats according to breeding standard, good-natured personalities, large and strongly built with significant boning.
We favor the different tabby-varieties and love distinctly tufted ear-tops, emphasizing this breed´s typically rugged appearance.
We have a little dream - let´s see if we can make it come true...


Our breeding cats are GSD4-normal, and tested for Pyruvat-Kinase-Deficiency (PK-def.) We have them also tested for HCM and PKD.
Our cattery is regularly being looked after by:
Dr. Heike Trombach
Dresdner Straße 10
82110 Germering

Our association:

SDRV   We are members of the S.D.R.V. e.V.

Important to us:

"von den Raben" is a really small cattery. Our cats are full family members. Most important to us is having enough time to cuddle and play with each of our cats every day . For the present, we will have no more than one litter a year. To give our kittens the best possible start in the world, we love to spend a lot of time with the kittens and - I admit - we really enjoy seeing them grow up.
We will attend shows only once in a while, as our cats and we prefer spending the weekends at home -completely relaxed.
Our cats may freely access all rooms of our ground-floor apartment. They spend much time in the secured garden - when we are at home, our darlings are free to go out anytime in the daytime. Outside they love to play, hide under bushes, hunt for any kind of flying or crawling insects and doze in the sun.

What we feed:

- Canned food (various high quality brands)
- plenty of raw meat and entrails incl. smaller bones, day-old chicken, sometimes also frozen mice.
- dry nibbles / food are offered only as treat
We do not feed any commercial food containing colorants, preservatives or sugar.
Since kitten, Opal does not tolerate cereals. Thus we feed only cereal free brands.


We take advantage of any opportunity to learn on cats in general and breeding particular discussing various topics with experienced breeders, veterinarians and cat lovers. We read any spacialist book on cat breeding, genetics and behaviour we can get hold of. And we attend courses whenever possible.
In 2014, we got a place in the PawPeds basic seminar G1 and completed the course successfully.

Pawpeds  Pawpeds  Pawpeds 

By clicking on the ribbon, you will be led to the PawPeds-site where you can get more information on content, participants, etc.

Our Cattery name:

We consider corvits to be the most fascinating members of the native fauna, no matter if speaking of ravens, crows, jackdaws or jays.
All those species in common is a particular foxy intelligence. Did you ever see a crow putting a nut in the middle of a road in order to have it cracked by the next passing car? Or the jay, watching the squirrel closely as it tucked the nut away in order to pick it up later? You know, what I am talking about?
To crown it all, the raven raised by my neighbors swiped the sandwiches mid-air fresh from stunned trippers´ hand.
Well, as children we were somewhat frightened by this huge black birds, they were the companions of witches and, in one famous German children´s song, feed from the rider fallen into the dig.
But the fear is long gone...
Today, we watch delightedly our cats making all desperate noises as the big, black bird sits far beyond reach in neighbor´s cherry tree.

norwegische Waldkatzen von den Raben München

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