Our D-Litter was born on September 20, 2017

Pedigree of Kittens


  Name Geschlecht Farbe Geburts-
171209 Dana DarkstarP Dana Darkstar female black / white 131g sold
171209 Day DreamerP Day Dreamer male black tabby mackerel / white 141g sold
171209 Dahlia DragonflyP Dahlia Dragonfly female black torbie mackerel / white


171209 Dolly DotterbartP Dolly Dotterbart male black tortie / white 120g stays with us :)
171209 Dotty Dot P Dotty Dot female black / white 125g sold
171209 Danny DragonheartP Danny Dragonheart male red / white 134g sold
171209 Donnie DrakoP Donnie Drako male red / white 121g sold


on hold ** -  ONE of the boys will go for breeding.
Decisions will be due in a few weeks, requests are welcome!

All kittens may be carrier of Amber.

The proud parents:


Ch. D*Luna vom Bergwald   D* Utah av Solvfaks
Luna norwegische Waldkatzen von den Raben München Herz Orville norwegische Waldkatzen von den Raben München
blue-silver-tabby-mackerel   black-tabby-mackerel-white
trägt amber und non-agouti   trägt non-agouti (amber? / Verdünnung?)
GSD4-normal / HCM-normal / PKD-negativ / PK-Defizienz normal   GSD4-normal / HCM-normal / PK-Defizienz normal



available: kitten still looking for a new home!
interest was indicated, but further requests are welcome !
booked: a decision was made, contract signature pending
sold: contract signed, deposit was paid
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