13th June'19 Finally made an update also on the English site, sorry lazy me.
So, kittens of sweet Dolly & Orville were born on June 7 - 5 gorgeous gils and a good portion of tortieness ;)
Dolly is a great mon and kittens are growing fast. First one just started to open her eyes today!

We are also happy to announce the pregnancy of lady Pippilotta - kittens after her and Orville will be born around July 10 (see also on plans-site)
This are silblings to our C-litter
2nd August'17: It looks like it worked out and we are expecting kittens from Luna & Utha around the 20th of September:) - We are very happy!
23rd July'17: We added a few new pictures to our "Flying Cats" - gallery
20th July'17: Luna is back from her honeymoon
18th June'17: We take a lot of picture - not only from our cats -
that's why we added a second gallery with pictures from the garden
17th June'17: New pictures from our beloved Mikka
5th June'17: Orville and Luna moddeled in the garden.
4th June'17: Just a few new pictures in our gallery "Cats in Motion"  :)
3rd June'17: At the end of May we successfully completed the Pawpeds G3 course on cat breeding. I learned a lot of new things,
deepens the knowledge of familiar contents and gives completely new impulses for thinking. I'll be back in the fall as a teacher for Pawpeds,
are looking forward to sharing my knowledge.
And our plans for the autumn have changed again:)
We are really looking forward to this mating and hope that everything will work out!
25th May'17: Unfortunately, we haven't had that much time to take care of the homepage in the last few months.
Which is now changing again:)
We already have a lot of new pictures, which we will add here little by little.
The beginning is made today by our heart cat Opal
And there is a lot more to report, more about this in the course of the next few weeks!
30th April'17: We visited Dr. Killich (Pawpeds certified) with Luna to her third HCM screening. With 6 years she has a absolutely healthy heart. We're very happy.
26th April'17: Opal and Olga celebrate their 5th birthday today - Stella (Obmbra) and Ole will join after midnight. All the best !
5th April'17: Mikka celebrates his 6th birthday today. We hope to enjoy many years together.
25th March '17: Another birthday :) - our C-litter celebrates is one year now. All the best to Caramel Candy, Caesar Rubacuori, Chiara Bella, Casimir Coal, Corbinian Crax and Caspar Orvillesson.
24th March '17: Our first "Raben children" celebrate their third birthday - we wish our A-litter Audrey-Azur, Arwen-Toffy, Asgard and Athos all the best.
18th February'17: Luna celebrates her 6th birthday :) She will play a central role in our plans for fall.
15th January'17: New pictures ! "Cats in Motion" got a few updates and Luna shows her incredible fur
9th January'17: Pippilotta and Orville visited Dr. Killich for their second HCM screening. Both have a perfect heart !
8th January'17: Even more pictures in the snow. Pippilotta, Mikka and Opal in action :)
6th January'17: Snow ! Pippilotta enjoys it so much !
4th January'17: Pippilotta and Orville are now International Champions
1st January'17: We greet the new year with pictures from Luna and Orville :)
  1st January '17
Pippilotta norwegische Waldkatzen von den Raben München
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