Our E-litter was born June, 7 2019

Pedigree of kittens


  Name Geschlecht Farbe Geburts-

190705 EmmiP3

Emmi Elsbeer female blue-tabby (-classic?) / white 112g

under evaluation
for breeding

further requests are very welcome!

190705 ElliP

Elli Elfenstaub

female blue-tortie / white 105g available

190705 EddaP4

Edda Esche
female black-tortie / white



190705 ELsP

Els Erle

female black tortie / white 117g available

190705 ErinP

Erin Espe

female black tortie / white 116g available


One little boy died already in the final phase of pregnancy and was born still.
We are sad and will never forget little red Eric.

All kittens may be Amber carrier


The proud parents:


DE* Dolly Dotterbart von den Raben   N* Tingoskattens Orville
 190130 Dolly Herz 2018 Pläne1 
carries dilution   carries non-agouti, dilution and amber
GSD4 N/N / HCM-normal / PKD-normal/ PK-Deficiency N/N   GSD4-N/N / HCM-normal / PK-Defiiciency N/N



available: kitten still looking for a new home!
interest was indicated, but further requests are welcome !
booked: a decision was made, contract signature pending
sold: contract signed, deposit was paid
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